Counter-surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent, detect and deal with any form of surveillance-monitoring. Its purpose is to protect you from various types of espionage, or if this already exists, to identify the methods used and counteract them.

Our team of experts uses advance counter-surveillance techniques that fulfil the official TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) standards. We have clients throughout the Greek territory, including public organisations and well-known companies.

We use only the latest technologies to locate any kind of surveillance equipment and techniques as:

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips
  • GSM interventions
  • Hidden cameras
  • Hidden microphones
  • Interventions to your landline
  • Spyware on mobile phones
  • Infrared sensors

We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to visit your premises and perform a scan to detect any security gaps and analyse your policy and procedures in order to discover vulnerabilities.

A thorough scan takes at least 2 hours. By the end of the scan we will be able to:

  • to present you with the findings of our research
  • to identify vulnerabilities of your physical installation and your corporate policies and procedures
  • to suggest ways and techniques to improve the security level of your business

We also offer training courses in corporate security and seminars in electronic surveillance/ espionage countermeasures.

If you think your business has fallen victim to espionage, contact us from a secure device and ask us to perform a scan on your premises. We are available 24 hours a day and move with discretion and professionalism to not disturb your work environment, and not become noticed by people within your organisation that may have placed monitoring devices.

And since prevention is always better than cure, ask us to carry out a scan of your business premises, policies and processes to discover those parts that are exposed and could be vulnerable to monitoring techniques.