Many clients contact us to tell us they believe that their home or phone is being monitored. Unfortunately the vast majority of cases is being verified, for the evolution of technology has created so small monitoring devices that they are difficult to get noticed by most people. In addition, the wide spread of smartphones use has greatly facilitated espionage; it takes less than a minute to install a tracking application in most smartphones.

Regarding your mobile phone, there are some points, which if verified, they are signs of monitoring. E-mails that are being automatically saved or forwarded, interference during your conversations, texts that are being send without any actions on your behalf, are just some signs that should get you worried.

There are many reasons why someone may be spying on your life. Perhaps you own a large property, you are a celebrity and many people are interested in your life, or you are a person of power and high social status. On the other hand, you may have fallen victim of former spouse or partner, a neighbour with whom you have a dispute or a party from whom you have substantial claims.

If you believe your private life is being watched, try to keep calm and follow your routine. Call us from a safe phone and location and do not share any of your suspicions.

We are available 24 hours a day and perform discreet scans so that we are not perceived by the offenders. We use the most advanced equipment and thanks to our expertise, we guarantee for fast and reliable results. After completing the scan, we will present our findings and evidence that will enable you to support your case, and possibly bring the offenders to justice.