Cyberbullying, meaning the use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person, has nowadays considerably expanded.

It can be practised in various ways, namely:

  • Via messages (SMS, MMS, Ε-mail, ΙΜ) of threatening or offensive content.
  • By posting abusive photos and videos to popular websites, such as blogs, social networking sites, fora, etc.
  • Through rumours spread in the environment of the victim with the use of mobile and e-mail.
  • Through identity theft meaning the use of the virtual identity of another person (username and password) at various web services, pretending to be this other person.

Cyberbullying is used mainly for blackmailing and asking money from the victims, and also for humiliating or spreading rumours for the victims on their online environment. The result is in most cases disastrous, since most people who are the centre of such behaviours are isolated and lose confidence in themselves and in extreme cases, continuous, persistent and intense harassment has led to dire consequences such as suicide attempt.

If you are a victim of such tactics, we would advise you to take action as soon as possible and consult a specialist. In our agency we have the experience and expertise to put an end to any kind of cyberbullying. Do not underestimate the incident. In most cases that have been neglected, cyberbullying has spread outside the cyber world and has considerably grown, bringing devastating consequences.