According to a recent report of the Cyber ​​Crime Unit, the cybercrime cases that target businesses have significantly increased over the last years. More and more hackers are attacking various corporations, mostly to access their online transactions and steal large sums of money.

Cyber attackers penetrate the corporate online communications and steal their e-mails, to identify transactions with other corporations. Then, they contact with these corporations, they pretend being an employee of a partner company, and give their accounts data for future payments and transactions.

Another kind of cybercrime is the one that recently (December 2013) hit many US banks. A massive cyberattack that caused a leakage of their customers’ data cost them a total loss of over $ 200 million.

And the list goes on, with new cases and revelations added on a daily basis. Actually cybercrime is not much different than traditional crimes. The only thing that changes is the means used to be committed. However, these very same means can be used to uncover and fight cybercrime.

At out agency we have the necessary expertise and are trained to deal with such cases. In addition, thanks to our advanced software and equipment, we can identify and dismantle cybercrime. We are very organised in the way we approach each case, and we professionally investigate them, providing irrefutable evidence that will help you to prosecute your cyber-attackers and bring them to justice, saving your company from malicious attacks.