When you are hiring employees, you might need more information on a candidate to make an informed decision. Especially when it comes to crucial jobs, there is no room for errors in such decisions, for this would definitely harm the progress and prosperity of your company.

This is why you should be sure for the background of the person you are about to trust with your business. First you must be sure that the new employee is the one that he claims to be and that he has all the qualifications and competence listed in his CV. You should be able to check that his certificates are genuine and that he possesses the professional experience he describes.

You should also be able to check the new employee has been involved in crimes, especially of a financial nature or has committed some kind of offence.

You should also know where he comes from. If he has concealed having worked for one of your competitors, this might be evidence of industrial espionage.

Such checks are usually performed by the company’s human resources department. But does it have the means to check in depth the background of an employee?

On the other hand, an experienced detective possesses all the means and connections to check an employee’s background and therefore to confirm or uncover his profile.

In our agency we have vast experience, as well as all the necessary methods and techniques and expertise to clear up your case. We conduct effective investigations in short time and find the evidence that will allow you to check your potential employee’s background and help you decide whether to hire him or not.