Both staff and close associates are an important asset of a company. They often act as representatives, whilst most of them have access to confidential information.

Unfortunately, we often witness cases of personnel or associates misconduct. Several businessmen visit our agency because they have doubts and suspect their employees for illicit actions against them and their business.

Other adverse cases that often reach our agency, are frequent absences of specific employees for health reasons, employees with second jobs, notional costs and expenses, and theft of company assets.

If such behaviours are not confronted immediately, they will adversely affect the financial strength and seamless operation of the company. There will also be negative effects on the psychology of the rest of the employees, who perceive the fraud their colleagues have set up and feel aggrieved, presenting a significant drop of their productivity.

During the 33 years that our agency has been operating, we have undertaken many such cases and thanks to our experience, our discreet actions, and the use of advanced software and equipment, we have managed to shed light on each case and confirm or reject our clients’ suspicions. We carry out researches, choosing the best method for each case and using discreet, non-invasive techniques, so that the company’s operation will not be interrupted.