We often get calls by businessmen who would like to start a legal battle to restore the interests of their company, but cannot find evidence to support their case. Most of them had been relying on testimonies of partners and employees, who over the years and because of the long time it takes for the greek courts to start a trial and moreover to reach a final decision, have either disappeared or changed their mind and no longer wish to get involved in a legal battle.

Some businessmen have no evidence at all, or sometimes although they believed they possessed solid evidence, they soon realised that these cannot stand up in a courtroom.

A professional detective has the experience and resources to gather comprehensive, factual and legal evidence, such as photos, videos, audio documents, documents etc. He will study thoroughly your case and analyse every aspect, taking into account all factors.

During the 33 years that our agency has been operating, we have undertaken many such cases and we have managed to collect the maximum amount of evidence in the shortest time. We have helped a lot of clients to constitute their case and win important legal battles.

Thanks to our professional experience, our excellent knowledge of the law, our expertise and the use of advanced technology, we detect and gather evidence with solid legal basis, that can support a case that currently might seem hopeless.