Nowadays, divorces are no longer considered a taboo, while most of them are issued fast and rather easy with the mutual consent of most spouses. Uncontested divorces are simple and inexpensive, and offer you the chance to end your marriage quietly and with dignity.

However, a considerable number of marriages still ends in years of litigation, due to one or both spouses’ denying his or her guilt, or concealing his or her assets in order to avoid paying alimony.

The going gets tough when there a children involved, that due to their fragile nature, often become the victims of this unpleasant situation.

Hiring a detective can save you valuable time and help you find the peace of mind you deserve.

We can help you with your divorce if your spouse prevents the consensual procedure, e.g. when he or she:

  • denies possessing valuable assets
  • conceals his or her income
  • denies having committed infidelity

There are few cases that even after long-term marriages a spouse completely ignores the possession of his or her significant other’s assets or income. There may be suspicions, that can be confirmed through a private investigation, allowing you this way to qualify and earn what you are entitled to a legal battle.

We deeply understand the employing the services of a detective for such a delicate case cannot be an easy decision to make. However we assure you that this way you will help you find the truth, win back your peace of mind and carry on with the life you deserve.

Our agency has the experience, expertise, and advanced equipment to carry discreet investigations and collect all necessary data that will reveal the truth.