We often get calls from clients who want to start a legal battle, and although they have all the right on their side, they are unable to collect evidence to support their case. Most of them relied on personal testimonies from friends, relatives or colleagues, who at the last minute, for fear of suffering a perennial litigation, decided to resign from witnesses.

Some of them have no evidence at all, or they believed they had solid evidence, but quickly realised that these cannot stand up in a courtroom.

An experienced detective has the expertise, methods and techniques and advanced equipment to collect complete and documented evidence with photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, documents, etc. He analyses every aspect of your case, taking into account even the most difficult and uncommon parameters.

During the 33 years that our agency has been operating, we have undertaken many such cases and we have managed to collect the maximum amount of data in the minimum time, and we have helped many clients to support their cases and win important litigations.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, our excellent knowledge of the law and the use of advanced technology, we identify and collect evidence with solid legal basis that will support cases that currently seem hopeless.