We often take calls from businessman that would like to investigate how important information for their company’s future operations came into the hands of competitors. In some cases they would like to know a new product that they had been developing ended up to their competitors’ hands or how important information about the finance and strategies of their business got widely spread. In any case, the consequences are always devastating, with a heavy impact to the company’s prosperity.

Usually, the suspicions for information leakage are confirmed, and the businessmen involved chose to hire a detective in order to clear up their case.

Such cases often end up at our agency, and thanks to our direct and discreet actions, we manage in short time to detect the leak.

Information is usually spread by employes that either because they feel neglected, or because your competitor bribed them, they have made significant revelations regarding the finance, strategies or other important info of your company.

In some cases, indeed, competition manages to install electronic equipment in your premises, telephones and computers, to monitor your moves and conversations at all times.

At the agency of detective Antonis Kazakis we have the experience, the expertise and advanced equipment to clear up such cases and detect possible information leakage. We are discreet and use modern methods to avoid getting detected by your competitors or your employees involved in the leakage, and we achieve excellent results in short time.