Missing person tracing is one of the commonest cases a detective can undertake.

The service refers locating children, adolescents and adults that have disappeared intentionally or not, finding witnesses, locating debtors, searching parents and other relatives, finding old partners, etc.

Sadly, the police often lacks the resources to conduct such researches, and this is either not engaging in such cases or leaving after short time. For this reason, most stakeholders prefer or are forced to turn to a detective in order to resolve their case.

Our agency has the experience, expertise, methods and techniques to successfully meet even the most difficult cases tracing missing persons. Cases that we have undertaken in the past involve missing children and adolescents, partners, entrepreneurs, debtors etc., and we pride ourselves on a high success tracing rate.

We possess more than 33 years of experience in missing people tracing, both across Greece and abroad. We collaborate with a worldwide network of tracking and tracing missing people, which allows us to achieve excellent results.