Nowadays, the spread of the Internet and the social media has allowed the rise of dating, even among people without mutual friends or connections, that under other circumstances would have never met.

As exciting as this may seem, it certainly conceals dangers, since it allows anyone to adopt a different, more appealing profile and pretend being somebody else. And although it is our wish that your new friend is honest and that the outcome of your acquaintance is happy, we cannot ignore the fact that in some cases the approach is premeditated and aimed at socially and financially exploiting you.

So, before deciding to commit with somebody you met by chance, either this was an online acquaintance or just a person you met on the street, it would be better to consult a detective and ask him to conduct a prenuptial investigation on your behalf.

An experienced detective, after completing a full background check of the person you are interested in, and after checking all the details, we will inform you about:

  • His/ her financial background
  • Previous marriages and children
  • Information regarding his daily routine
  • The existence of other partners

We know very well that when you are about to get married everything seems perfect and you would never cross your mind to hire a detective. But especially in cases of people who suddenly appeared in your life and no one can confidently give you information about their past, or simply unexplained reasons that sometimes cause you suspicions, one prenuptial investigation will save you from unpleasant situations and lengthy litigations.

Our agency has the experience, expertise, and advanced equipment to carry discreet investigations and collect all necessary data that will either confirm your significant’s other profile or reveal the truth about him/ her, and will allow you to overcome any suspicions and make the right choice.