One of the commonest cases a detective can undertake is tracking people, either children or adolescents, spouses or partners, relatives, employees, current and former colleagues, etc.

Parents who have indications that their children take drugs and do not want to make arbitrary conclusions, may turn to a detective to investigate their case in depth.

Private investigations could also be carried out for ​​for the collection of evidence for litigation, which can be decisive for the outcome of the case.

Finally, private investigations can take place to confirm or reject possible suspicions a client may have regarding an associate, a customer, an employee or even a partner or family member.

During the 33 years that we operate in the field of private investigations, we have carried out many such cases. Our firm has the experience, expertise, methods and techniques to successfully meet the most demanding investigations. We are able to conduct many different surveillance techniques, and in combination with the use of appropriate electronic monitoring equipment, we can provide sufficient evidence to support your case.