Whether you are trying to trace a long lost friend or relative, or you suspect that your significant other is unfaithful, or you just want to have somebody you have just met checked-out, we are here to help. Whatever your case might be, we commit to provide effective and professional service, complete confidentiality and 100% reliability.

Our Agency has been offering for 33 years a wide range of services in the field of private investigations, and thanks to our vast experience and expertise we guarantee for quick results, accurate solutions and highly effective services.

We offer many services to our private clients, such as:

  • Missing person tracing
  • Private investigations
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Background checks and reports
  • Evidence for divorce cases
  • Prenuptial screening
  • Evidence for legal cases
  • Inheritance issues
  • Close protection and bodyguard services to VIP’s
  • Site surveillance
  • Telephone check
  • Telecommunications privacy checks
  • Finding private date
  • Cyberbullying identification