The phone-tapping scandal during 2004-2005, was one of the biggest Greek scandals of the recent decades, and beyond the uproar it caused, it made ​​us all suspicious about how safe our telephone conversations are.

Especially at corporate level, where telephones are used to pass confidential info and data, security of telephone conversations is vital. Every businessman should secure his telephone calls from being monitored or recorded by the competition or other third parties. Telephones are necessary for every business and businessmen need to be sure they can rely on them for their communications.

Many business executives, whose company’s confidential info has leaked our, have hired us to investigate their case. Thanks to our expertise and the use of advanced software and equipment, we have helped many clients to discover if their telephones had been monitored, and of course we have removed any interference to retrieve and ensure the security of their communications.

Another telecoms issue many businesses face, are frequent telephone calls from unlisted numbers. These calls that are mostly malicious and conducted to intimidate or offend the recipient, distract the business’s operation and affect its productivity.

Whatever your case may be, either you suspect that your telephone calls are being monitored, or your company’s operations have been disturbed by malicious calls, we have the expertise, strategies and methods to help you. At the agency of detective Antonis Kazakis we have the necessary experience, excellent knowledge of the law and the most advanced equipment to clear up your case, fast and efficiently and help your business to get back to its normal routine.