Technology and especially the telecoms sector have been progressing rapidly in the recent years. Mobile phones, smartphones and computers have become an integral part of our lives and follow us at every step. They allow us to communicate anytime, anywhere with our loved ones, to work even outside the office, and save valuable time and energy.

Unfortunately, the bad side of this rapid evolution also came up. We all remember the phone-tapping scandal during 2004-2005, which was one of the biggest Greek scandals of the recent decades. And of course that was just the beginning.

Since then, many of our fellow citizens have been victims of phone-tapping,and therefore decided to hire a detective to investigate interference during their telephone conversations or confidential information leakage.

In most cases the suspicions of our client were correct. Many have been victims of phone-tapping even by friend and relatives, or people above suspicion.

There is of course the positive side, namely the control of telephone conversations for attending an underaged member of your family. And though the legislation (Law. 3206/2003 – Gazette 298 / A / 23.12.2003) sets monitoring phones outside the competence of a detective agency, it excludes cases of guardianship. So after written approval of the guardians, software can be installed on the phone of the underaged member in order to check the behaviour and habits outside home. Also, this service can be applied to patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, for obvious reasons.

Our agency has the experience and expertise, as well as advanced equipment and excellent knowledge of the law in order to respond quickly, effectively and above all discreetly to any issue regarding your telephone conversations.