During the last years we have witnessed a significant outbreak in crime; more and more often we hear about heinous and professionally organised criminal activities that target people with high social status and financial background.

Such people can also become victims of verbal attacks and slander to such an extend that their social and family life is severely disrupted.

During the 33 years that our Agency has been operating, we have offered VIP protection and bodyguard services to politicians, business leaders and celebrities, ensuring both the protection of their lives and personalities.

We are trained in psychology issues and attack situations, offering high protection level to our clients. Thanks to our long experience and use of the most advanced technological equipment, we are able to provide services to even the most demanding clients, 24 hours a day, wherever they are, and under any conditions.

In addition, as a detective agency, we possess the most advanced equipment in order to protect your home or any other location you indicate. We have a range of solutions for the protection of both domestic and commercial premises. And because sometimes even the most advanced equipment is not enough, we provide manned security. Highly trained professionals provide protection services on your site 24 hours a day, without interfering with your family life or your professional activities.